Zipkon Research & Development

Zipkon is a research and development project. Though we do business with interested entities, we are not a business by description. Zipkon has two goals that it works and functions under; to research and develop.

Research: Zipkon's first goal is to research methods, tools, and solutions for solving problems that many of us face in our lives. We study software code, languages, tutorials, articles, and forum threads that either suggest solutions or problems that need solutions.

Develop: Using the information we have gathered we develop functional solutions that are easily accessible through the web. Our solutions are for public use (unless otherwise specified) and we keep you updated on what we're working on right here on the website.

we innovate

by means of creativity

Zipkon News

09/23/11 - Zipkon's new website is publicly released. This website is for the purpose of providing information on current projects being worked on at Zipkon Research & Development. You can also find out about services we offer to entities interested in using our software for their purposes.

Zipkon's Mission

Zipkon Research & Development exists for the purpose of providing a platform for innovation, creativity, and inventiveness in uses of web related software languages and systems. In other words we're playing with the LEGOs of the web in hopes of producing something useful.

Welcome to Zipkon

Welcome to our website. We hope you are able to easily find all the information you are looking for. This web site's purpose is to inform you of our ongoing projects, mission, services, and what new things we've discovered along the way. If you have questions about our projects, inquiries of our services, or in regards to the purchase or use of our software, go to our contact page.

Near Completion

Jivin' Jobs

A job posting and search web application built for college students to look for jobs while in school. Read More

On The Whiteboard

Capitol Carpool

A carpool creation and sign-up tool for students and faculty going to and from colleges and universities. Read More